Motorcycle Metal Restoration & Chrome Plating

Street bike with restored, plated parts Nu-Chrome specializes in high quality chrome plating
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Nu-Chrome offers high quality motorcycle restoration services, placing an emphasis on work detail rather than turnaround time.

Additionally, Nu-Chrome offers a comprehensive metal restoration service including bumpers, pot metal, stainless steel, & aluminum. Our high quality, competitively priced services can be completed quickly, in as little as four weeks.

Plating / restoration is available for all types of metals (steel, aluminum, pot metal, & stainless steel) and for all kinds of parts (automotive, hardware, boats, motorcycles, & more). To insure the highest quality finish, the company's restoration process includes Triple Chrome Plating (copper, nickel, & chrome).

In addition to chrome plating, polishing, and restoration, we also offer gold plating, silver plating, cadmium plating, & zinc plating, in both yellow and silver color, black oxide, and powder coating.

Restored, plated motorcycle part Detailed restoration & plating available
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Competitively Priced, High Quality Chrome Restoration

Chromed motorcycle wheels Nu-Chrome offers high-quality restoration options

At Nu-Chrome, we understand that you may need pricing information to evaluate restoration options.

Our skilled tradesmen are able to cater to the quality level that you require, ranging from show cars to daily drivers.

In order for us to provide a cost estimate or quotation for the service, Nu-Chrome needs to know your project requirements.

Phone Contact (800-422-8012)– Call us anytime to discuss the details of your project with our Sales Manager who has over 30 years of restoration experience.

Email Contact ( – We can provide a detailed response to questions submitted via e-mail. This contact option allows digital pictures to be sent for evaluation and also provides a record for your file.

Visit our pricing page to learn about Nu-Chrome's 3-phase pricing procedure.

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