Chrome Plating & Metal Restoration Pricing Information

Chrome bumper, restored 1949 Chrysler 1949 Chrysler Town & Country, Nu-Chrome customer
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At Nu-Chrome, we understand that you may need pricing information to evaluate restoration options.

Our skilled tradesmen are able to cater to the quality level that you require, ranging from show cars to daily drivers.

In order for us to provide a cost estimate or quotation for the service, Nu-Chrome needs to know your project requirements.

Phone Contact (800-422-8012)– Call us anytime to discuss the details of your project with our Sales Manager, who has over 30 years of restoration experience.

Email Contact ( – We can provide a detailed response to questions submitted via e-mail. This contact option allows digital pictures to be sent for evaluation and also provides a record for your file.

Nu-Chrome utilizes a 3-phase procedure to provide pricing information:

1. Initial Cost Estimate

Nu-Chrome can provide a base cost estimate to restore a part to its original condition. This would reflect a custom quality level for a part that is in good condition.

If a higher quality level is to be considered or if additional work is necessary to correct any defects, we can provide a price range based on our experience in restoring a similar part.

2. No-Cost Evaluation Service

Aluminum dash, restored 1950 K2 Allard 1950 K2 Allard, Nu-Chrome customer
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An accurate price estimate can not be provided unless the part is physically inspected.

We offer an evaluation service to determine the restoration requirements of your part(s). This information allows the customer to select the best option for the restoration process.

Once you provide us with your contact information (name, address, telephone, and weight of the box) via phone or e-mail, we will do the rest.

A UPS call tag will be initiated to pick-up the package at your location. Your parts will then be shipped to our Fall River, Massachusetts location.

Shortly after receipt of the part) we will contact you to discuss the results of our evaluation. 3. Price Quotation

Once Nu-Chrome has completed its evaluation of the part(s) and determined the quality level and schedule requirement for the restoration, it will provide a firm price quotation.

Upon approval, a job number is engraved on the part(s) and digital pictures are taken to allow tracking of the part(s) throughout the production cycle.

The job is released into production, after receipt of the deposit (50%).

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